Day 45 - Thursday 3rd August 2017

I was up and out for 7am today to drive Jack to my niece's house as he was going to Gulliver's Kingdom in Matlock for the day with her, my sister, and my little nephews. It was my niece's 30th Birthday today so I took her a bottle of champagne and card with some money in. I then came back to RMH to do some work on my PC....... next thing I remember I was fast asleep in my chair!! I went over to the bed to sleep and after about 5 mins Lisa came in from the ward round so we both had a couple of hours much needed sleep! At about 11:45am my phone went off... it was Grandma and Grandad's food service! I got up and went outside (in the pooring rain) to meet them. After a quick refill of the freezer and a brief chat between them and a sleepy Lisa, I took them both over to see Theo. He was still doing great on his BiPAP and had just done a poo! Grandad watched me change his nappy and then he swapped with Grandma who watched me move him back on to his belly..... They both left at about 12:30 and I spent a couple of hours with Theo while Lisa had a bit more sleep. I then came back over to the room at about 2pm and cracked on with my work, before going to pick Jack up at 5pm from the Airport Pub in Manchester. We had arranged to have a bit of a birthday meal for my niece's birthday. Jack and I both ordered a blue steak which came out raw, so we asked the chef to cook if for a little bit longer and it came back out cremated.... rubbish!! 🙈 But I had a nice time with my sister, niece and little nephews 😁😁 On the way back Jack and I picked up a Chinese and took it back to the NICU.... grabbing Lisa on route to the kitchen! Lisa has been showing signs of separation anxiety from Theo the last couple of days, so I need to keep an eye on her and try to bring her back to reality..... I do understand where she is coming from though, now that Theo is getting stronger, we are getting more newly qualified nurses looking after him and it feels like he's being used as a training aid! I get that nurses need to learn, but in light of what happened last night, we both worry when we are not there! Lisa ate a tiny bit of chinese and then went back to sit with Theo while Jack and I continued eating ours. Jack suddenly started to get a bit emotional about not spending any time with us both together and not having family time (which he has always had). He said he was getting paranoid about whether we still loved him and said that he was feeling left out of the family as we were spending all our time with Theo. I think it is more likely a result of him being away from us on holiday and him being homesick, but I told Lisa and we all went back to the room at about 9pm to play a board game together. I think he's just tired and is going through that time of life, but nether the less we do need to be conscious of spending more time with him 😐 After the game I went back over to see Theo and told Lisa to spend some more time with Jack and have an early night so she could get some much needed sleep, as she is looking really tired and is showing signs of burning out.... even the doctor that was on tonight has told her she needs to look after herself! The last thing we need is Lisa burning herself out! Theo has had a good day today. He's doing really well breathing for himself on the BiPAP, but I think it's really uncomfortable on his face.... plus it's made his eyes puff up and he can't open them as much.... at least he's not in discomfort with a tube down his throat though 😁

Almost there little man..... we'll soon have you home being a little monkey 😁😁 Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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