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Day 44 - Wednesday 2nd August 2017

I had another lie in today as it was going to be a busy one..... when I say lie in, I was on the phone at 8:30am trying to sort the lease for the new office out..... I've hit a brick wall with it again! Lisa had been over with Theo since about 6am. I went over just after 9am to see him.... he had had a good night and was pretty chilled on his BiPAP.... I think that will be him off the ventilator for good now 😁😁 Lisa on the other hand is really worried that he will need to be re-ventilated 😕 I went off to the office at about 9:30am and met a couple of people to discuss the homecoming surprise; and then cracked on with some work until about 2:30pm. I then went to pick 'The Big Man' Jack up from the airport..... I was so happy to see him..... he was happy too but he styled it out.... he's way too big for big hugs in public now 😐..... I got one when we got back to RMH though 😁😁 Jack was super tanned and had had a great time in spain.... he was so happy to see Theo, he cried when he was holding his dummy in ❤❤ I left Jack on the NICU and went out to get some bits from Sainsbury's and brought some tea back to the ward. Lisa was really anxious again today... I had only seen Theo for a few minutes all day but Lisa wanted to stay with him and Jack wanted to go back to RMH, so after tea I went back to our RMH at about 6pm with Jack for what I hoped would just be a couple of hours.... Lisa came in at 11pm and was really anxious about leaving Theo. His night nurse was newly qualified and she had two babies to look after, plus there was a new baby in the room that was really poorly and was the priority for pretty much every other nurse in the room. I went over to sit with Theo for the night. He was super chilled on his BiPAP. I fed him his 11pm & 12am milks, changed his smelly nappy at 12:30am, having turned him over before and after all on my own.... I was well chuffed with myself! I was just about to give Theo his 1am feed when a baby in the room stopped breathing....... a nurse pressed the emergency buzzer (first time I've seen the buzzer pressed in the room) and all the doctors and other nurses came running in. I had my back to the baby and I just froze while everyone worked behind me to get the baby going again...... all I could see was dispair on Theo's nurse's face in front of me...... I don't think she had seen it before either! I can't really describe the feeling I had for those couple of minutes, but it was worse than being in a firefight!! My whole body froze up until I could hear the relief from the nurses behind me..... thank God they got him back...... really brings home how things can change without any warning!! I gave Theo his 1am and 2am feeds, then went to bed...... quite a bit stressed!! Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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