Day 43 - Tuesday 1st August 2017

Lisa and I both had a nice lie in today.... well until around 8:30am! We went over for the 9am ward round and Theo looked really well. He was having another blood transfusion and the doctor said that they would try again to wean him off his ventilator throughout the day and see how he gets on.... he mentioned steroids again so I made a point of telling him that we had decided that we would only consider him having them as a last resort! I went to work after the ward round and started to make arrangements for Lisa, Jack & Theo's homecoming surprise..... I have decided to paint the house top to bottom, update Jack's bedroom, turn the dogs bedroom in to a nursery and get a new baby friendly settee..... Whilst I was at work I had another look at the Non-Levy Apprenticeship ITT..... OMG! It's ridiculous..... its definitely been created to wean the rubbish training providers out of the industry! If I was back at work full time I would be locking myself in my office for about 2 weeks to complete this, so God knows how I'm going to do it at the side of an incubator on my phone! Lisa called me at about 5pm and said I needed to get back to the hospital quick as Theo had had a really good gas and they were going to extubate him in the next 20 mins!!..... a speeding ticket and bus lane fine later, I arrived at the hospital just in time for the big moment..... phew! Theo handled the extubation really well and his nurse hardly had to make any adjustments.... I am hopeful that he will do really, really well this time!

He had another brain scan today and thankfully his bleeds hadn't got any worse.... he will still showing a grade 3 bleed on the right side and a grade 2 bleed on the left side.... hopefully his brain will re-route and there won't be any lasting damage! His gas just before the evening ward round was really good.... better than when he was on the ventilator so he's doing great 😁😁😁😁😁😁 ......... well done daddy's little solider! My friend was coming back from La Manga tomorrow and Jack has decided to come back with him.... He's had such a good time, but is really missing his little brother I think.... I'll be glad to have him back with us.... even though our room has been much fresher while he's been on his jollies..... teenagers! Big step forward for Theo today, he's managed to stay off the ventilator and on the BiPAP all day and his gases have been really good..... thank God for that.... no steroids required! Oh, and he's turning in to a proper little baby now... he's having baby tantrums when he's hungry or wants attention..... 🙈 🎵 there may be trouble ahead 🎵 Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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