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Day 42 - Monday 31st July 2017 (6 weeks old today)

I can't believe Theo is 6 weeks old today..... He's come such a long way! I was over early with him again today before I went to work. Thankfully the night nurse had not suctioned him too much last night and he was a lot more settled. I went to work at about 9am as I needed to take the new IT equipment for the new starters and it was pay day today..... there's nothing more depressing than pay day when you own your own SME! Worst working day of the month 🙈 I came back to the Hospital about 2:30pm as the nurse that had been looking after him said we could get him out for a cuddle again. Shortly after I got back the nurse went on her break so I went back to the room for a shower so I was nice and fresh for my cuddle.... Lisa let me have him first because I didn't get to hold him for very long last time.... he stayed fast asleep on my chest for a good 40 mins, I think he really loves his daddy 😁 Lisa was saying she didn't want to hold him because it was too much messing about but we all told her she was..... then, just as I was about to pass him over, he did a massive trump and poo in his nappy..... the whole room heard it.... good lad! Needless to say he went back in to his incubator for a nappy change and Lisa didn't get to hold him 😢 The nurse said she was back on tomorrow so Lisa could get him out again then. She's great this nurse..... she's a Scouser but I won't hold that against her.... she's got good banter and is really good at her job! On the evening shift the doctors were talking about the antenatal steroids again but Lisa and I have decided that he is only having them as a very last resort! Theo has been much better today than yesterday so hopefully the consolidation on his chest is clearing up!! The night nurse tonight was nice and was a good nurse. Lisa and I stayed with Theo until 11:30pm then went to bed cause we were both knackered. Lisa has said we can both have a lie in tomorrow as she's confident that the shift change will be ok.... as the Scouse nurse is back on in the morning..... we'll see if that happens! Jack sent us loads of pictures of his day today..... and a load of messages with love hearts towards the end of the day.... He's really starting to miss us now. I don't think it will be long until he comes home now...❤❤ Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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