Lisa's reflective account of Day 34....

We both overslept that morning until 7.40am! I jumped up stressing because I needed to have a shower and go across as quickly as I could but Phil said that he’d go because he could get ready quicker. He said to go back to bed, he’d come back after the ward round and then we could go across together. It was so exhausting spending so many hours on the unit looking after Theo but we wanted to do it and would continue to do so as long as we had to. We had waited so long for him and felt it was absolutely our job to care for our baby. It was a privilege and by no means a chore. Jack had been messaging us lots since he left the day before. It was great to see him so happy, he was having a great time in Spain. We were so happy that he was letting his hair down and having fun. We really missed him though. He had never been abroad without us before. Theo had a lovely nurse looking after him that morning, she had a newly qualified nurse working with her. She needed experience with a ventilated baby so had Theo that day. She was nice and respectful of Phil and I. She was competent and confident of her abilities. Everyone has to learn and I was happy for newly qualified nurses looking after Theo when they worked within their level of competence and asked if they weren’t sure about something. Nobody knows everything especially when you’re learning! In the afternoon we had another newly qualified nurse working alongside our nurse. She was not as competent as the nurse that morning and didn’t ask for guidance as much as she should. It didn’t fill me with confidence. She seemed overly confident but didn’t really have the level of knowledge or competence to back it up. We did Theo’s tube feeds and cares throughout the day. It was my cousins 16th Birthday meal that afternoon. I knew I couldn’t be so far away from Theo for so long with neither Phil or I here. I didn’t want a repeat of the shopping incident! Theo needed neo puffing often and I didn’t want him to be on his own. Phil went to the meal and I stayed with Theo. I was sorry to miss it and hoped they would understand. When Phil got back I was a bit stressed because I felt the nurse had been handling him more than necessary. Phil explained to her about his tube positioning, condensation and suction, that it became a vicious cycle and she listened which was good. We tried to do minimal handling with Theo because he really didn’t like it. Jack was messaging us until about 11.30pm that night. Phil and I went back to our room about midnight. He had a really nice nurse looking after him so we’d be able to go and get some sleep. The Doctors said the might extubate Theo tomorrow if his gases are ok. He’s getting stronger now. Hopefully it won’t be long before he can get rid of his breathing tube!

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