Day 39 - Friday 28th July 2017

Lisa went over for the Ward round this morning while I caught up with some sleep. Theo had done a couple of mighty poos through the night for the night nurse.... well done my boy! So his bowels were moving along nicely. After the ward round, Lisa came back over to RMH and said the doctor had been really nice this morning and asked for her opinion before giving a clear plan of the next steps..... he said that he was going to give Theo the weekend before trying to extubate him again...... Lisa and I went back over to the ward as soon as we we were allowed and spent the day with Theo. He did a couple more mighty poos for us to change throughout the day.... we needed 3 nappies every change and it was a two man job.... he even pooed all over my hand today..... 💩 cheers you little monkey 🙈 We had the same nice nurse looking after Theo again today on a long day.... I knew Lisa wouldn't be stressed out about anything so I went to the office at about 2pm for a few hours to do a few bits and make sure everything was ok. The new non-levy Apprenticeship ITT dropped in to my email inbox about 5pm so I had a quick look at it..... 65,000 character questionnaire (17 questions) to complete before 4th September.... 🙈🙈 god knows where I'm going to get the time to complete this from! I didn't end up getting back till about 8pm and was starving, so I had one of grandma's meat and potato pies..... I really need to start eating well and exercising..... I've put on nearly a stone in the last 5 weeks, eating rubbish and sitting on my backside all day watching Theo..... need to start going for some runs! The nice nurse was nice tonight and was really experienced. On the evening ward round the doctor said that they were going to wean Theo down with his pressures and rate and look to extubate him tomorrow..... we'll have to wait and see what the day doctor says in the morning as he had indicated that we are not extubating again until Monday... Theo has been great again today, no Brady's and only a few desats when he wants something..... you can see he's turning in to a proper baby.... he looks like he's crying when he wants something..... I'm looking forward to hearing the crying noise rather than just the expressions though.... that will be an emotional Day ❤❤ Well done little solider..... keep up the good work... daddy loves you 😁😁 Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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