Day 38 - Thursday 27th July 2017

Up and over for 7am today. Theo was just about coming round from the intubation drugs. He was being super cute.... he could hear me talking to the nurses and kept opening his eyes to look for me..... We had a junior sister on today. During the ward round it was obvious that she didn't know anything about Theo. She was just guessing the answers to the registrar's questions..... to the point where she told him that Theo was half way through his steroids???.... he's not even on steroids!! I was getting really frustrated during the ward round because I was trying to interject with the correct answers but the registrar and nurse wasn't acknowledging me.... I have been involved in nearly every ward round of late and have always been included.... I've been looking after Theo everyday for the last 38 days and I know everything about him..... the nurse has known him for 1 hour..... I was left feeling like I wasn't important in his care this morning which made me quite upset.... After the ward round, Lisa and I went back over to look after Theo for the day...... at 3pm another nurse took over and although she was relatively new and inexperienced, she was very good and really nice. She asked us questions about Theo and although she left Lisa and I to get on with his cares and feeds, she kept making sure we were ok and asking if we needed anything. She's going to make a great NICU nurse. Theo has been great again all day today. His gases have been good and he looks really chilled.... he just needs to have a poo because he's not had one since last night..... we told the doctor on the evening ward round that his belly was a bit firm and he hadn't opened his bowels for a while and they said they would keep an eye on it. The doctor asked Lisa if she would write a reflective report of our time here as parents so that they can use it to identify improvements etc.... Jack has been sending us loads of pictures today and he called us tonight to tell us all about his holiday so far.... I could tell he was a bit homesick, more so for Theo ❤❤ I'm starting to find it hard to leave Theo on his own at night..... he's a really good boy and sleeps most of the time; so as we had the same night nurse as on again tonight, when Theo settled down, we took advantage of an early nights sleep, safe in the knowledge that Theo was in good hands 😁😉 Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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