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Day 37 - Wednesday 26th July 2017

I was over early to see Theo this morning.... he was nice and chilled, his blood transfusion had just finished and he had only had one Brady through the night after being sick; he just needed a bit of suction and he was fine. He was having some sodium infused as it was quite low (127), his last CRP was 3 so the antibiotics were killing the infection. His 7am gas showed a Co2 level of 10.1.... but he had another gas at 9am and his Co2 was 11.7 👎 shortly after this he had a really bad Brady and needed neo puffing.... bloody hell!! On the ward round the doctor said that he was happy to put Theo on to BiPAP and also stop his antibiotics..... I questioned stopping the antibiotics because I thought it might be too early, but the doctor said the infection was viral so there was no need for them. Theo had quite a good morning and had another gas at lunch time which came back with his Co2 level being at 10.3..... yipee...... the tube came out and he went on to BiPAP 😁😁 We had our regular really nice nurse on today and was becoming quite friendly with her. She asked another really nice nurse to help while she changed Theo over to the new BiPAP machine and they let me film it and take pictures (as long as I didn't get them in it)..... Theo handled it really well but did need quite a few adjustments throughout the day. He was straight in with sucking his thumb which was really cute and we took load of pictured of him doing it.....

However, his Co2 levels crept back up though throughout the afternoon/evening and it was decided on the night ward round that he would be re-intubated during the night 😢😢😢😢 Although it's a bit of a step back, he's done really well and lasted a good 12 hours without the breathing tube down his throat and the ventilator breathing for him, so we have to look at it as a massive step in the right direction. Lisa and I stayed with him until he was intubated at about 2am. Lisa was a bit upset afterwards so we said goodnight to Theo and went back to RMH to get some sleep..... another long day! Hopefully in a few days we can try again and he will last a bit longer..... I just hope the doctor doesn't start talking about him having post natal steroids in the morning.... he told us today that he thinks he will need to be re-intubated tonight and we need to think about it..... we have and we are standing firm..... not unless it's a absolute last resort will he be having the post natal steroids.... Well done my little superstar, you did really well today and I'm super proud of you ❤❤❤ Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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