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Day 36 - Tuesday 25th July 2017

Theo has got another bloody infection 😢😢

I think it is from his ventilator tube as it has been really irritating him for a few days like it was before. He also heaves when he is turned on to his right hand side..... hopefully they have caught this one really early and the antibiotics have already started to attack it. I feel a bit sad this morning, we don't have a 23 week gestation baby in the next bed to us which means the poor little one didn't make it 😢😢 I cant imagine the pain that family are going through right now..... brings home how lucky we are!! Had Theo not come out in his sack, we could have lost him.... it doesn't bare thinking about! We have a new day doctor on this week and all he goes on about is the duct on the baby's hearts and giving everyone diuretics..... all of the other doctors tell us not to worry about the duct but this one goes on like it's the end of the world..... He's the one who wouldn't tell me about the anomaly on Theo's echo really early on and said it was too acedemic and he didn't want to scare me!..... I've spent over 5 years on operational duty in war zones all over the world doc..... I think I'll be alright 🙄 On the ward round he said that he was ready to put Theo on to Biphasic Positive Airway Pressure (BiPAP) and suddenly turned his ventilator over to the BIPAP setting without any warning, so Theo was only getting oxygen and not pressure..... Lisa asked him if he had turned the machine off and he completely ignored her..... he needs to work on his parental involvement..... Theo then had a Brady and de-saturated, so he turned it back on...... Lisa's head fell clean off!!! He must have seen our red faces (or the steam coming out of Lisa's ears, because he then told us he was going to do it again to see how Theo gets on, and then turned it off again..... Theo did much better though that time and was breathing ok with just oxygen...... I was really pleased because the Doctor said he was going to take Theo's tube out; but Lisa didn't want to until Theo's blood results came back..... The Doctor said that he thought the infection was more viral because his CRP was only 6 and they are happy up to 5. He also said that it could be the tube that's causing the infection.... I had to agree with him because I have been saying for days that I think the tube is causing problems, and now it could be the causal route of this infection (same as the last time).... Lisa and I ended up having a bit of a heated discussion about it after the ward round because I thought it should come out and Lisa was worried that it would need putting back in if the infection gets worse.... it was chicken and egg, so we comromised and decided to ask them to leave it in until we got the blood results back tonight! We went back over to see Theo after the ward round and asked the Doctor to leave his tube in, which he agreed to do! Theo has been really chilled all day, he doesn't look poorly and he hasn't had any spikes in his temperature. His blood cultures came back negative and his evening CRP was 4 meaning he could have his tube out 😁 However, on the evening ward round the doctor was debating whether or not to put him on to BiPAP because his blood count was low (meaning he would need another blood transfusion imminently). His Co2 was also quite high (11.4), so the doctor decided that if his Co2 on his next gas was 10 or below, he would take the tube out....... it was 10.6 😣...... it was then decided that he would leave it in and do the blood transfusion over night.... looks like its coming out in the morning now 😐 I feel so sorry for Theo.... he really wants the tube out and is trying really hard with his breathing..... I've been counting the red spikes on the machine as they are his breaths..... he's averaging about 25-30 breaths per minute, with the machine giving him about the same to make up the difference. It must be really uncomfortable for him having the tube down his throat, he wants to smile and swallow but he can't because it causes him pain..... I hope they can take it out in the morning; poor little baby 😢😢

We got a nice picture of Jack and his mate tonight stood next to the pool.... tanned already and he looks so happy.... I miss him loads but I'm glad he's having a great time ❤❤ I went over to the shop again to get the night nurses (and me and Lisa) some treats and we stayed on the ward with Theo until around 1am. I read him a load of stories and Lisa looked after all his cares and feeds.... teamwork makes the dream work!! Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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