Day 35 - Monday 24th July 2017 (5 weeks old today)

Lisa called the NICU this morning about 6am to see how Theo was. The night nurse said he had been great and that he was going to be put on Bi-PAP (Bi-Level Positive Airway Pressure - Non invasive ventilation) any time. Lisa and I got up and went over for 7am. When we got there Theo was not great.... he was having a right doo.... his temperature was at 39° (way to hot), his heart rate was in the 200's (way to high), he was de-saturating down to the 40's and he was not breathing for himself!! The nurse spoke to the night doctors and they said to start his antibiotics again in case he has another infection!! Oh no...... On the morning ward round the doctor said that they were going to wait 24hrs before putting him on CPAP because of his high temp this morning and because he was having dips in his breathing..... I promised him that if he did loads of breaths they would take his tube out and he had been doing 60-70bpm since..... I feel bad for him now 😢 especially because his ventilator is still filling up with condensation and water is going down his tube all the time! His nurse today was nice, Theo needed an incubator change so she said we could hold him again. When Lisa was holding him the machine kept packing in and he was having Brady's quite often... I wasn't aware but Lisa said it had been doing this every night shift for the last few days!! We had engineers in yo check the equipment, doctors peering over the screen, and two or three nurses monitoring and neo-puffing Theo..... We either need a new machine or he needs to go on CPAP pretty quickly.... After a while Lisa was getting stressed out about it because it kept doing it, so she asked to put him back in his incubator. I got to hold him again for a few minutes before we put him back so I had a nice little cuddle which I have been desperate for 😁 We spent the rest of the day sat with Theo. His temp had still been up and down but we have to wait for the blood culture results to come back before we will know if he has another infection, or the same one has come back 😢😢 His gases got better throughout the day and he has been really low on on his pressure (17) and rate (15), the lowest he has ever been despite the issues he's had with the ventilator today..... The doctors said to continue as per until his next CRP comes back in the morning..... hopefully he hasn't got an infection and he can have his tube out tomorrow, also, hopefully they will take the long line out so that he isn't open to any more infection hot spots! No ward round (or a late one) tonight as the doctors were busy preparing for a 23 week gestation to arrive in the next bed space!! Good luck little one xx

Lisa sent Jack a text on our family WhatsApp group this morning saying "Morning darling hope you're ok. Text us or ring when you're not busy xxxxx love you xxxxxxx" and we got one back tonight saying "Night xxx give Theo a (verbal) kiss" lol, clearly too busy having fun with his mate all day 🙈 Despite everything that is going on with Theo, he is still doing really well, I can tell that he really wants the breathing tube and long line out so he can move around more freely! Keep fighting little solider.... daddy loves you ❤❤❤❤ Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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