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Day 34 -Sunday 23rd July 2017

Oh no..... we both slept in!!! We woke up at 7:40am and had missed the morning shift change for the first time since Theo was born! I got up and went over quick as I could to see who was looking after him...... it was another newly qualified nurse who was being overseen by one who had looked after Theo before..... the new nurse was nice and was really confident in what she was doing. Anything she didn't know she asked and she really listened to me and Lisa 😁 Theo was doing great and the doctor on the ward round said that him coming off his ventilator was imminent!! I almost broke down completely..... felt my heart go with pure emotion and had tears rolling down my cheeks..... I went back over to the room after ward round and told Lisa who was still in bed..... We had an hour's sleep while the doctors finished the ward round as we were both still really tired; and then got up and went back over to see Theo at about 11:30am. In the afternoon we had amother newly qualified nurse who had no idea what she was doing..... I was starting to feel like Theo was being used as a training aid with new nurses now that he was getting better! Needless to say, Lisa and I stayed with him all day to make sure he was ok! I had to go out in the afternoon for Lisa's cousin's 16th Birthday meal, Lisa didn't want to leave the hospital and be so far away from Theo, especially with such an inexperienced nurse looking after Theo, even though we knew he was in safe hands with the rest of the nurses in the room, so I ended up going on my own. I had a lovely meal with all Lisa's family and it was really nice to see everyone, but I just wanted to get back to Theo..... When I got back, he'd been having a good day but Lisa was really stressed out with the newby nurse..... she just kept messing with Theo all the time, so I told her to stop..... in a nice way! The more you mess with him, the more discomfort the tube causes, the more he get water in his lungs and the more he needs suction..... it's a vicious circle! Lisa isn't as confident as I am to speak her mind, she just keeps it in and it causes her to get upset and stressed..... I on the other hand, do not sit on the fence! One of my friends neighbours was looking after Theo on the night shift tonight (small world). She was lovely so I went over to the shops to get some treats for them all and then Lisa and I had a relatively early night (12am). We are both missing Jack already, he's been sending us pictures and videos on WhatsApp all Day and is having a great time already..... he was still texting us at 11:30pm.... well he's on holiday so I suppose it's allowed 😁 Hopefully Theo will be coming off his ventilator tomorrow for the first time so we might be able to get another cuddle.... I've been desperate for one for ages.... ❤❤ 😃😃

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