Day 32 - Friday 21st July 2017

Lisa was up and over to see Theo early this morning. Jack and I went over just in time for the ward round. The doctors were still happy with his recovery and decided to stop all but one of his antibiotics. I hope they've not stopped them too early as the microbiologist said to keep him on them for two weeks minimum, and it's only been a week.....

He's looking much better though..... he is opening his eyes a lot more and has been smiling when I talk to him again..... he melts my heart ❤❤ He's gone up to 2ml per hour on his milk and is tolerating it well. We are having to empty the water out of his ventilator tube quite often because it is still filling up with condensation and water is going down his tube causing him to Brady and de-saturate. He's needing suction quite often too as a result. His CRP (infection level) is less than 1 now thank god.... it was as high as 18 when he was ill. After the ward round, Lisa took Jack out to the Arndale centre to get the rest of his holiday stuff today while I stayed with Theo..... massive step forward for her.... she only called me a couple of times too 😁😁 Leanne came up in the afternoon with the kids to see Jack before he goes on his jollies..... I took them all back to RMH for tea and then made Apple crumble and custard which went down a treat! Lisa stayed on the unit with Theo until about 10pm. When she came back we spent half an hour going through what we we'd bought for Jack's hols and then I went to the shop to get some treats for the night nurses, before going over to the NICU at 11pm.... I stayed until 12:30am. Theo was doing great, it looks like he's fought off the two sepsis infections against the odds! He's a tough cookie thats for sure 😁 Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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