Day 31 - Thursday 20th July 2017

I was up and over to see Theo for 6am this morning to do his cares.... I was right about the night nurse, she was really nice.... she had made us a lovely anniversary card throughout the night from Theo. It had his hand and foot prints on it. I almost burst in to tears but held it in to save embarrassment, although it was probably quite obvious to the nurse! I sent a picture of the card to Lisa as she wouldn't wait to come over and see it for herself, so no doubt she had a little cry in RMH.....

I went to work for a while then picked Jack up from his friends house. We went to pick up his new phone and some euros for his holiday.... lucky boy!! We then went back to my office to do his travel authorisation form so that he could travel abroad with his friend's dad.... On the way back we stopped at a few places, TK Max for holiday clothes, asda for chocolate and cakes for the night nurse to say thank you for the card, and Mothercare to pick up some parcels that Lisa had ordered online.... Our usual really nice day nurse had been looking after Theo today so when we got back Jack was allowed to take me and Lisa out for a 'very quick' curry around the corner for our 15th wedding anniversary...... Lisa was a bit anxious but I managed to shove most of a really hot curry down..... and box up the rest!! We all went back to the hospital to give the night nurse her cakes and chocolate and Lisa thanked her for the card. Lisa then stayed with Theo and I went back to RMH with Jack. Lisa came back at about 10pm and I went over to see Theo until around 12:30am..... He's been really stable again all day. His morphine has been dropped from 10 to 5 again.... hopefully he will cope with it better this time. He's had a couple of Brady's but mainly because the ventilator is filling up with condensation and water is going down his tube again...... He looks much better though and is starting to come round a bit..... little fighter he is 😁😁 Not the most romantic anniversary in our 15 years of being married, but definitely one to look back on!! We are still like passing ships in the night at the min 😢 but we both have two things on our minds..... our beautiful boys ❤❤ Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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