Lisa's reflective account of Day 28....

Phil went over to the unit for handover that morning. I felt completely exhausted, I hadn’t slept much at all over the weekend with Theo being so poorly and how stressful it was. I didn’t have much of a lie in though because I didn’t want to miss the ward round so I went across for 9am. I hadn’t seen the consultant who was on that week before. She seemed really nice and explained everything well. The nurses said later that she was always very busy on and off the unit because she was so senior. She definitely had time for us and we didn’t feel rushed at all. The consultant got Theo’s X-rays up and thoroughly reviewed everything from the weekend. She explained that because they didn’t think it was NEC any longer that we should reintroduce feeds very slowly as him gaining weight is the best thing he can do. He was on quite a bit of morphine so we wanted to wean that down so he woke up a bit more as he didn’t seem in as much discomfort. She also said for him to have another blood transfusion. We had the same nurse that was on over the weekend and changed his bed when we asked her not to. Phil said he had spoken to her and she had been really nice that morning. It wasn’t very nice for us what had happened over the weekend but if he hadn’t have looked so unwell that morning maybe they wouldn’t have changed his tube at that time which made him so much better? Who knows. I went back to bed after the ward round I was just so tired. I felt like I was struggling to function. Stress really zapped me of what little energy I had and it had definitely been a stressful weekend. I hadn’t slept either. I managed to get a good few hours sleep and went back over that afternoon. Phil had stayed with him and had been feeding him 0.5ml of milk down his tube every hour which was good. We had our job back! Yayyy. Our friends heard that Theo had been so poorly over the weekend and asked if Jack wanted to go over to Spain with them later that week. I would have really struggled with Jack being abroad without us but it was such an amazing opportunity for him to spend some time with his school friend and let his hair down away from the worry and stress of the hospital. I’ve said it before but I can’t imagine what it must have been like for Jack. He handled everything so well. Of course he got emotional, it was a very emotional situation. He had worries, we tried to be as open and honest as possible with him. He told us that he was happy staying at Ronald McDonald with us, he would rather be at home obviously but didn’t want to be at home without me or Theo. He also missed the Dogs which upset him the most. I wanted to make sure that Jack actually was ok with everything and not just saying that to make us feel better so I asked the counsellor that I had been seeing once a week on the unit to speak with Jack and double check he was ok. He had an appointment to see her on the Wednesday. She explained that unless what he said was serious she wouldn’t tell me everything Jack said so that he trusted her. She would encourage him to speak to us himself if she felt he needed to. We are a very close family and speak to each other about everything so I was confident that Jack would tell me everything anyway. Phil had gone to get Jack from my Mums and when he came back we went to the parents kitchen on NICU to tell him about Spain and ask him if he wanted to go. He had the biggest smile on his face, of course he wanted to go! It was the first time since we had been in hospital I had seen him smile like that. He was so happy! We are lucky to have such kind and lovely friends. We are also lucky to have two such amazing boys! 💕

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