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Day 30 - Wednesday 19th July 2017

Theo is one month old today 😁😁 ...... I'd like to say it only seems like a week since he was born, but its been the longest month of my life...... what a mile stone though...... he's still 11 weeks early and we have along way to go..... we are probably only a quarter of the way through this journey!!

Theo's been pretty status quo today, he has been really stable and is still sleeping most of the time due to the morphine. He looks much better than he has the last few days but it's hard to tell because of the morphine..... he's not having anywhere near as many Brady's and De-saturations. Jack saw the councillor that Lisa has been talking to this morning, I'm not sure he needs to talk to her as he seems to be coping really well, but I'm sure it won't do any harm..... I then took him to his freinds house in the afternoon for a sleep over (the one that he stayed with when Lisa was in Labour) and then went to my office for a couple of hours to sign a few things off. I was given a breakdown of mobile phone over-usage and straight away saw that Jack's phone had been charged an exra £288 for data..... ouch! There was limited wifi in RMH so he had been smashing his 4g data watching YouTube videos...... I'll have to get him a better package because I can't be having that every month.....  I am having a bit of a nightmare with the new office lease..... I told our Solicitor that I wasn't taking total responsibility for building and roof repairs as it is an old building, so it looks like the new office might fall through..... oh well, bigger things!! Shortly after I got back to the hospital, another friend arrived to see me, Lisa and Theo. I went to the family room and called EE while she sat with Lisa and Theo. I decided to get Jack a new phone (the samsung S8) with his own contract.... rather than him using one of my company phones. I sorted it for next day delivery..... Our regular really nice nurse had been looking after Theo all day so he had been well looked after! She helped me talk Lisa in to going out for Chinese with me before the next handover, for our 15th wedding anniversary tomorrow. It was another rushed meal but was nice to spend half an hour talking with her. She is getting more and more anxious about leaving Theo on his own! I get where she is coming from but I am really worried that she is going to make herself ill.... That evening we had a new nurse looking after him, she seemed really nice and everyone was going on about her 90% pass rate in her recent Intensive Care course..... not bad! Sounds like Theo will be in good hands tonight.... I can't believe we've been married 15 years tomorrow.... how time flies! ❤❤ 

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