Day 28 - Monday 17th July 2017 (4 weeks old today)

I went over to see Theo at 7am this morning and he looked much better. The nurses started the change over at 7:30am and the nurse from Saturday night came over looking quite sheepish.... She was looking after him again today..... after hand over I decided to speak to her about what happened on her last shift..... she apologised for not listening to us and had been clearly distressed about the situation since then. We had a good chat and agreed to put it aside.... Lisa came over at 9am for the ward round and it was a new consultant. She said that she doesn't think Theo has NEC and was more concerned about his weight as it had dropped below the line he had been on previously (he weighed 1.07kg on the 15th July), therefore as his infections were under control, she said they were going to wean his morphine down from 15 to 10, retry at weaning his ventilator down and start to feed him 1/2 ml of milk every hour and see how he gets on.... It absolutely amazes me how one minute you're scared to death that he isn't going to make it through the day and the next thing he's all good and everyone's talking about him being weaned off his ventilator and fed again... it changes so quickly.... After ward round Lisa and I went back to RMH for some breakfast while the doctors finished the ward round with the other babies, then Lisa went back to bed for a few hours because she was exhausted, whilst I went back over to NICU to sit with Theo..... I took his Zaky hands over for his 4 week birthday present.... I had ordered them from Estonia, they were expensive but he absolutely loved them 😁😁 and so did all the nurses.... Lisa and I had slept with one each for the night so that they smelt like our hands were holding him when we weren't there 😁😁 Theo was having a great day, being really responsive to my touch and voice again.... I started his feeds at 12pm and continued through to 4pm when Lisa came over.... he tolerated them really well throughout the day. His nurse had been really good today, it must be a night thing!... She had took on board how involved we were with him and was asking me if it was ok to do things beforehand, or asking me if I wanted to do them myself.... I did his full cares and moved him by myself while the she disconnected his ventilator tube and moved it over to the other side. I started to turn in to a bit of a control freak because I'd had so much control today! I was even telling Lisa how to do things...... which went down like a lead balloon.... not lol I left the hospital at about 6:30pm to pick Jack up from Lisa's mums. On the way my friend called me and asked if Jack wanted to go and spend some time with them and Jack's school friend out in Marbella....... I couldn't believe it, it was such a lovely offer..... I said I would speak to Lisa because I'm not sure she would let him go, and then to Jack to see if he was happy to leave Theo. I called Lisa and she already knew as she had received a text off Jack's freind's mum, who was already in Marbella with Jacks friend and the rest of the family.... I asked her what she thought about it and she said we can speak about it later..... When we got back the really experienced nurse was just taking over from the day nurse, so I spoke to Lisa and then we took Jack in to the family room to tell him about the really nice offer that our freinds had made.... Of course Jack said no because he would rather stay in RMH with his mum and dad..... NOT...... he was like erm yeah, see ya!!! 😁😁 Looks like he's flying out to Marbella with his freind's dad on Saturday..... lucky boy! I can't believe Lisa has agreed to it.... that is massive for her!! She would never have let him go abroad on his own, but under the circumstances we both felt that it would be best for him and he would have a great time. I am really going to miss him smelling the place out, but it will stop Lisa and I worrying whether Jack is happy and enjoying his summer break..... we always have a holiday in the summer and this was his last summer before high school. He would be so bored and worried at the hospital all summer! I called my friend and told him that Jack would love to go.... I don't know how we will ever thank them for this, it's such a nice thing to do and will be a massive help to me and Lisa over the next week or so..... I said goodnight to Theo and took Jack back to RMH to spend some quality time with him ❤❤ Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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