Lisa's reflective account of Day 24....

Phil went over to see Theo early that morning and I stayed with Jack. I had been up quite early to phone the unit and express. Jack and I went across for the ward round and Phil had to go to work. They had taken a blood test for infection the day before and started prophylactic antibiotics, the results of his CRP had come back and showed signs of infection. When such tiny babies get an infection it isn’t the same as usual where by you might get a chest infection, ear infection etc. They get systemically unwell and it isn’t often obvious where the infection has come from. The Drs explained that they were treating him for sepsis. They would wait for the results of the blood cultures to check he was on the right antibiotics. The nurse who was looking after Theo that day was really nice, he hadn’t looked after him before but I had seen him in the room. I was really worried about Theo, I phoned Phil to tell him what the Doctors had said on the ward round. He came back to the hospital from work to be with us as he was worried too. Theo had vomited small amounts and hadn’t opened his bowels as frequently as usual. His abdomen felt soft but was enlarged and got slightly bigger throughout the day. The nurse agreed that something just didn’t seem right with him and asked the tea time consultant to review him. He was only covering a few hours until the night team came on and hadn’t looked after Theo previously but he was so nice and caring. He asked for an X-ray which showed a large dilated loop of bowel. The Dr explained that this was concerning. They weren’t quite sure what was causing it yet but they would treat for suspected Necrotising Enterocolitis NEC. He was started on triple antibiotics. His feeds were stopped and he was put on IV fluids. Phil was over at Ronald Mc Donald spending time with Jack when the night nurse came on. It was the same nurse as the night before. I liked her and thought she was good at her job. She recognised that Theo was starting to show signs of pain and discomfort when completing his pain score and let the Doctors know on the evening ward round. They decided to commence a continuous morphine infusion to make sure that Theo wasn’t in any pain. I didn’t want my precious tiny baby boy to be poorly. I felt so helpless. He had such a huge fight just to stay alive. I didn’t want him to be in pain. I begged him to get better and told him how sorry I was for what he was going through. Phil really wanted to come over and see him so I went back over to Ronald McDonald to stay with Jack and try and get some sleep. We were so worried about Theo that Phil said he was going to stay with him as long as he could possible all night. I didn’t argue with him I felt that Theo needed his Mummy and Daddy by his side. We loved him so much.

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