Lisa's reflective account of Day 22....

I got to the unit early again that morning leaving Phil and Jack in bed. I couldn’t wait to get there every morning and start looking after him. When we were with him we did all of his hourly feeds, cares etc. I loved doing it all, the hours passed so quickly being so involved. He was doing much better that morning after a blood transfusion and his tube being repositioned. He was a bit more like his usual self. We had an amazing nurse looking after him that day. Phil stayed on the unit with Theo after the ward round and I spent time with Jack. I missed Spending time with Jack, he was handling everything so well being really grown up. Emotional at times but I would’ve worried if he wasn’t seeing as though his life had been turned upside down and his little brother was so poorly. We all spent time together with Theo that afternoon, Jack was so good with him. He really loved him so much. He read him stories and took pictures of him. Before Theo was born we had lots of family time but hadn’t done so as much since he was born for obvious reasons. We felt it important for Jack to spend some time with just Phil and I, so that night we had planned a movie night in the room. I hated leaving Theo but did so for Jack. It sometimes felt like my heart was torn in two. It was so hard trying to do the right thing. We had a lovely family night together and a good rest. I phoned the unit to check in on Theo and he was doing ok too! I love my family so much!

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