Day 26 - Saturday 15th July 2017

Up and over to see Theo at 7am today.... Lisa had a lie in until ward round; she would have been 29 weeks pregnant today..... Theo had been doing fine throughout the night but he had a really bad Brady when the nurse did his cares at 5am. On the ward round the doctors said that they would continue with the same anti-biotics and keep a close eye on him, and also that they would do another x-ray on his tummy as he was still in some discomfort. When the doctor came back with the x-ray results he said that he thought it was more likely the sepsis that was making him so poorly and causing the problems with his bowels rather than NEC, but that they would continue to treat him for both anyway...... Sepsis is the lesser of the two evils so although I'd rather him not have either of them, I'm glad it's looking like he hasn't got NEC!! Another nurse looked after him today. She was nice and very efficient.... she took good care of him all day. All in all he's been much better throughout the day. He's had a couple of Brady episodes but only one of them needed the neo puff. He's been really responsive to my voice and touch again, looking around for me when I speak and gripping my finger to hold my hand... ❤❤❤ I love him so much!!! He is still on quite a bit of morphine for his pain but he seems to be getting his strength back. In the afternoon, Lisa and I changed his nappy and washed him before changing his bedding..... He absolutely kicked off when I picked him up, trying to wiggle himself out of my hands, he's definitely going to be a strong little monkey, but he had a Brady afterwards so we think him being moved is causing the Bradys..... Lisa was stressing a bit trying to get his bottom sheet under all his wires and tubes, but with great teamwork we managed to lift him, change all his bedding and re-place him in a nice comfy bed..... 😉😉

The nurses handed over at 8:30pm and we got a new nurse that looked like she didn't want to be there..... I dont think she likes night shifts! Lisa and I went for a bite to eat at about 10pm in the family room on the ward and then went back for the night ward round at 11pm. When we came back he'd had another Brady and had been moved back on to his back...... he needed neo puffing so it must have been a big one again, and we wasn't there to hold his hand! 😢😢 The doctors said that they were a bit concerned he wasn't showing much wee in his nappy and that they would keep a close eye on that. Over the last couple of days his ventilator tube has been starting to squeak and sounds like it is getting clogged again.... Lisa asked if they could change it, but the doctor said that they don't like changing a tube for one the same size, so they would wait a bit longer. The night nurse looked a bit put out that me and Lisa (mainly Lisa) was involved so heavily in the ward round discussions. She looked a bit Moody actually! I didn't rate her that much...... Her handling wasn't very caring and her basic hygiene awareness was shocking.... she suctioned Theo without any sterile gloves which made my blood boil (especially as he already had two infections), so I put some gloves in front of her and made a comment about wearing them..... she later did suction in his mouth after eating a handfull of spicy Doritos and didn't wash her hands...... what about infection control?? Not being funny but my Son is really poorly with two infections and she's not cleaning her hands or wearing gloves before touching him..... seriously??? Before we were leaving at about 1am the nurse said that she was going to change his bedding as it had a spot of blood on it. We asked her not to do this as he had been handled quite a bit already today and we had been trying to minimise the amount of handling due to his really bad Brady's. She said that she would change it when we go as it would do her head in, as she has OCD...... 'OCD??..... I couldn't care less about your OCD!!..... are you mad?? We just told you he's having really bad brady's when he's messed about with!!' Lisa and I both told her again not to change his bed until his next cares in the morning, which were due at 6am, and that we would be back to do them at that time!! When we got back to RMH, I was really stressed out about leaving him and wanted to go back and sit with him because I didn't trust that the nurse would leave him alone.... but Lisa said we needed to get some sleep so we went to bed! I hope my little man is ok in the morning, I've not got a good feeling about this nurse!! 😢 Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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