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Day 25 - Friday 14th July 2017

At 12:30am we had an explosion!! 💩 I changed his nappy with the night nurse and boom, bombs away.... hopefully that's shifted a bit of air from his abdomen...... he had quite a bad Brady just after we changed him and the doctors who were in at the time saw it.... they turned up his pressure and rate a bit and he came back up by himself. I've changed my mind about this night nurse over the last 3 nights, I always admit when I'm wrong about somebody so I told her..... she's actually a really good nurse.... I've been telling her our back story leading up to getting Theo tonight and breaking the ice a little. She's relaxed a bit and has been really efficient and unflustered tonight, she even got me a nursing chair to sit on as I told her I was intending to stay for the night! However, at 3:30am I was struggling to keep my eyes open and didn't want to fall asleep on the comfy chair! Theo was fast asleep and his last blood gas was good, so being as I had been up since 5am yesterday, and the last thing the nurses want is me snoring my head off (which was highly likely) on top of the crying babies and bleeping alarms, I went back to RMH and went to bed! 💤💤 I got Jack up out of bed at about 8am and we made our way over to see Theo..... Lisa had been there since about 6am. On the ward round the doctors said that they were treating Theo for a general sepsis infection but due to the x-ray last night, they had also started treatment for NEC. We had to leave during the rest of the ward round, and while we were away he had another x-ray on his abdoman..... After the ward round, the consultant came to talk to me and Lisa about his x-ray in a private room. He explained everything about NEC to us (although Lisa had already learnt all about it online) and he was clearly very worried about Theo..... I asked him if Theo would be ok and he said that "they would do everything they could for him"...... oh my god, I'm terrified for my little baby now!! Later in the day the doctors said that they had identified there were two types of bacteria in his blood cultures. They are now waiting for the sensitivity results to come back so that they can work out which antibiotics will be the best to fight the infections..... hopefully a continuation of the ones he's on now! It's fair to say that Theo is really unwell at the minute with 2 infections and suspected NEC!! The doctors looked really concerned on the evening ward round and left us all thinking the worse! I took Jack back to RMH to get him away from it all. While he was playing on his PS4, I was reading up on the infections online, and the next thing he asked me if Theo is going to die!!..... I said "no mate, he's going to be fine" and then went to the toilet.... where I burst in to tears 😢😢😢 A little later in the evening the doctor from earlier came to see Theo and Lisa. Lisa said he looked worried and when he left, he told her he would pray for him 😣😣 In light of all of this today, and because we are unsure what the weekend is going to bring, we asked Jack if he would like to stay with Leanne tonight and then Lisa's mum tomorrow night so that Lisa and I can be with Theo together for the next couple of days..... he said yes, so Leanne who had come up to see us took Jack home with her. Theo had a couple of bradycardic episodes during the evening and was put back up to the maximum support on his ventilator again. We've been told that we won't be able to feed him again for the next 7-10 days and he's had a new long line put in to his arm to feed him fluids. His morphine has also been increased to help with the pain....

Lisa and I stayed with Theo until about 1:30am tonight and looked after him..... we were both gutted that we couldnt feed him.... waiting until the clock strikes the hour to feed him is what gets us through the day, and now all we can do for him is change his nappy and turn him over, and he didn't like being touched today because he is so poorly so we were leaving him as long as we could....

A massive step backwards this week but he's a little fighter so I'm sure he's going to be ok...... but I'll be honest, this is the most scared I've been in my entire life!!

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