Day 24 - Thursday 13th July 2017

I was up at 5am this morning to go and see Theo before work. I didn't really get much sleep last night (maybe an hour) through worry...... When I arrived at the NICU at 5:30am, the doctors were there discussing his CRP infection results..... they said that he was positive for an infection so they were going to give him general anti-biotics and send off a blood sample to the lab to culture for a few days, so that they can establish what the infection is. Lisa came over with Jack at about 9am. I had sorted someone to meet the surveyor at the new office so I could stop with Theo while Lisa rested (she didn't sleep much either). I needed to go and meet the surveyor late morning, so I left the hospital for the first time since Sunday night, which was pretty hard to do! Especially as Theo was poorly.....but Lisa was with him so I knew he would be ok.... Lisa called me shortly after I arrived at my office to tell me what the doctors had said on the ward round.... basically he was showing an infection score of 15, and it should be less than 1..... She then told me that they were treating him for Sepsis!!... What!!! That's a life threatening infection!!! I'm sure they are just treating him for the worse case scenario while they wait for the cultured blood results to come back in the next 48 hours, but I'm scared to death for him now!!! Needless to say that I left the new office and came back to the hospital to see my brave little boy 😢😢 In the afternoon, when I was changing his nappy, the nurse noticed that his stomach was a bit swollen and it didn't seem to look right, so he asked the doctors to check Theo over. His stomach definately looked larger than normal and he hadn't had a poo for a while. The doctor said that he would arrange an x-ray on his abdomen to see what was going on...... The x-ray showed quite a bit of air around his abdomen which the doctors were concerned was Necrotising enterocolitis (NEC), so they decided to stop his feeds and put him on a drip feed through his cannula. I didn't really understand what NEC was so I looked it up on Google...... Mistake!!! "NEC is a condition of the bowel that affects some newborns within the first weeks of life, especially premature babies. It ranges in severity from relatively mild, causing a temporary intolerance of milk feeds, to loss of the whole bowel. In some cases, it can prove fatal." He's already being treated for Sepsis and now this..... I'm now praying to god that it's not Sepsis and that if he has got NEC, it's only a temporary intolerance of milk feeds and he will be fine in a few days 😢😢 I took Jack back to RMH at about 8pm to play on his computer...... Lisa stayed with Theo until about 10:30pm and then came back over..... I have been so worried about Theo tonight that I have decided to come back over to the NICU for the night shift with the intention to stay with him all night!! I went via the shop to get cakes and buscuits for the nurses, and a couple of snacks for me...... At about 11:45pm the night nurse (the same one as last night) hooked a morphine drip in to his cannula to help with his pain and discomfort!! She was a really nice nurse, but I still wasnt sure about her. I might of just been me making her nervous by watching her or something, but she seemed quite flustered in her work 🙈 Poor little baby Theo...... he's been doing so well and everything has come at once for him. He's pretty much back where he started.... hopefully he won't need an operation on his tummy and in a couple of days he will be fully recovered and fighting fit again ❤ Love you little man, keep fighting daddy's little solider ❤❤❤ Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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