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Day 22 - Tuesday 11th July 2017

Theo has had a better day today. I took over from Lisa after the ward round, she had been with Theo since 6am again..... He was weighed over night and was now 1kg 😁😁 The night nurse put his feed up but he didn't really tolerate it so he has stayed at 7ml. His ventilator rate was put down to 25 bpm again and his pressure was reduced. He was handling it really well now that his duct is almost closed..... 😁 The really experienced nurse was looking after him again today so he was in good hands..... I feel really relaxed when he's got a nurse looking after him that we have had before and know is nice 😁 It's difficult leaving your baby in somebody else's hands..... Jack has never stayed with somebody that we don't know really well... he's never had a baby sitter and only ever stayed with close family until he was about 9, when he had sleep overs at freinds houses. So to leave our precious baby in the hands of a stranger is really, really hard! I spent most of the day with Theo today.... no work! Really do need to get my head in to some contracts though for next year (1st Aug onwards). Also looks like my new Head Office is sorted, I need to go there on Thursday to meet the site surveyor, so it's going to be a full day out of the hospital.... which is going to be hard! Lisa, Jack and I spent the evening with Theo, Jack read him some books, I washed him, fed him and changed his nappy.... he waited until I started to take his nappy off then fired out a projectile poo.... nice one Theo....🙊 He has had his eyes open quite a bit today and I took loads of photos of him..... I could absolutely burst with love for him..... he is super cute and I'm not even being biased..... he's still really tiny but he can definitely see me because he was staring right in to my eyes. He's had a couple more Brady's today where his de-saturations are dropping really low (in the low 40's) and his heart rate has dropped really low (low 70's), he needed neo-puffing again a couple of times to get him back up which is really scary!! I hope he's ok and hasn't got an infection.... 😢 Apart from that though, he has been great..... amazing what a bit of blood does!!

As he seemed quite settled tonight, we all went back to RMH at about 9:30pm and watched a movie together; a bit of family time with Jack, with secret popcorn, chocolate and cups of tea.... we're not allowed food or drink in the room 🙈🙉🙊 Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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