Lisa's reflective account of Day 18....

It was Jack’s last day of Junior school that day before he finished for 8 weeks. It would be a lot easier with him not having to get up for school each morning but we would have to keep him occupied for 8 weeks which would be hard work! My Mum was due to come back from Australia the next day. She had been gone for 4 weeks to see my sister who had her baby the month before Theo was born. When she booked her trip we thought she would be back in plenty of time for Theo coming, seeing as though he wasn’t supposed to be born until the 30th September! We had been through the hardest time of our lives and the person who I would usually turn to first was on the other side of the world which was very difficult. Thankfully my sister Leanne had been absolutely amazing. She said she always wanted to be at a birth but I don’t think she meant one so traumatic!! Theo had a good day that day. He was still desaturating but he did so everyday. His oxygen was up and down like a yo-yo. He had an echo which is a heart scan to check whether the ibuprofen had been effective on his heart duct. Thankfully it had and the duct was a lot smaller now and the blood flow through his heart was much better. It was fantastic news. We were so happy. Jack finished school and had his shirt signed by all of his friends. I didn’t get to see him after school as my sister was taking him up to the Lake District for the weekend with his cousins. He was sad to leave Junior school but excited to start Seniors. He had grown up so much since Theo had been born. We were so proud of him. He definitely needed some kid time at some point over the next 8 weeks!

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