Day 21 - Monday 10th July 2017 (3 weeks old today)

Happy 3 week birthday little man..... I had a nice lie in today until about 8am then went over to see Theo for the ward round at 9am..... Lisa had been there since about 6am. The doctors said that he was doing ok with his breathing but admitted that he potentially could have been doing better had he had the steroids before birth..... I was really upset by this statement because I still haven't got over what happened during our time on the anti-natal ward!! Lisa's mum and Leanne brought Jack up in the morning and came over to see Theo on the NICU.... His nurse was a guy today, I'd seen him around the ward quite a bit but he hadn't looked after Theo before.... I took Jack back to RMH so that he could play on his PS4 while I was trying to get some emails done. Shortly after, Lisa called me, she was really upset and said that Theo had just had a really bad Bradycardic episode, where he pretty much stopped breathing and went grey because the nurse had turned him over without disconnecting his ventilator and all the built up condensation in the tube flushed down in to his lungs..... the nurse suctioned the water out, but Theo's heart rate had dropped so low that he needed the neo-puff (breathing bag) to get his heart rate back up again and stabilised! When I got over there Lisa was clearly still distressed and crying so I told her to go back to the room and I would stay with Theo for the afternoon. The nurse was busy most of the afternoon as the room had 3 new admissions, so it was a while before I got to speak to him.... I said to him that Theo's incubator is under an air-con unit and is one of two bed spaces where high levels of condensation builds up in the ventilator tubes; as a result, other nurses have said that it is best practice to disconnect the tube and shake the water out regularly; especially when turning him over. I'm not sure if the nurse knew this, or if he just didn't think about it before he turned Theo, but he didn't think he'd done anything incorrectly as he had always done it the way he had that morning...... 

He is a nice guy and said he felt bad about it; and he disconnected it each time after that, but it's made me question what might happen when we are not there, that we may not be told about..... Neo-puffing a baby is an everyday occurance and nothing major to worry about for the nurses, but this is our precious baby, that we have longed after for years; and we want to protect him from every little thing that could cause him to be distressed..... Theo has been de-saturating quite often again today and they were worse than before with his heart rate dropping from 160bpm to 80bpm about once every hour. The nurse told the doctors about his de-saturations and they said to do an x-ray on his chest to make sure he didn't have a collapsed lung or any other issue, like a dis-lodged tube..... After the x-ray, the doctors said that everything looked ok but asked the nurse to take some bloods to see if he needed a blood transfusion and to check if he had any infections.... I said to the nurse that I thought Theo was a bit pale and looked like he needed a transfusion, as he was showing similar signs to those he was showing the last time he needed one..... Unfortunately the first blood gas clotted in the machine, so after a while the nurse tried again.... and it clotted again.... this also seemed to be the norm when Theo was getting low on blood 🙈 Lisa came back over to the NICU at about 7pm and I went back to the room with Jack. She spoke to the nurse who had been on and put what had happened aside, as I had done earlier. He was a nice guy and was genuinely sorry...... I told Lisa that I thought he needed a blood transfusion so she waited for the night time ward round and asked them if they could do one anyway because the bloods kept clotting and his blood count was low..... they said they were going to do one over night anyway!! The doctors also pushed his tube back in a bit as it had dis-lodged a little.... hopefully why he has been de-saturating all day; and not because he's got an infection..... Theo's had a bad day today..... I'm starting to understand why Lisa wants to be at Theo's side every minute of the day. Pretty much all of the 50 odd nurses we have had to date have been great, but like any job, there are some that are not as competent or fully aware; and in this situation, one tiny little thing can be the difference to Theo being unnecessarily stressed..... My poor little baby, I hope he has a better day tomorrow 😢😢 Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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