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Day 20 - Sunday 9th July 2017

My turn to get up early for Theo today.... although I slept through my alarm and didn't get over to the Ward until 7:50am 🙈 We had another really nice nurse looking after him today, she's not looked after him before, but with 14 years on the ward she knew her stuff, although she said she felt redundant as I was doing everything lol They had to put his rate up to 25 from 20 through the night to give his lungs a bit of a rest as he was getting tired. He was still looking good though. His poos were getting less frequent which they said was good..... I would also agree with that 😷 On the ward round the doctors said that he was showing signs of developing Chronic Lung Disease......I must of looked scared because the doctors told me that it was nothing to worry about at this stage, and that they would just continue to monitor him and try and wean him off the ventilator. They said that it's not like when an adult gets Chronic Lung Disease, as that commonly only deteriorates, whereas in a premature baby, it should get better over the first few years of his life and should hopefully fully resolve itself.... thank God for that! I still can't help feeling anger towards the antinatal unit for not giving us the steroids though!! Theo's gases weren't that good this morning, so the doctors told the nurse to put his ventilator up to 30 bpm to give him a bit more of a rest, and to put his sodium intake up as his sodium levels were low. I went back to RMH after the ward round and Lisa was in a really bad mood.... she clearly hadn't taken advantage of the lie in and was really tired and Moody. I told her to go back to sleep and that I would see to Theo but she was having none of it 😣🙈 She's getting really stressed when she misses a ward round because she's been there for them all and wants to know everything that's going on, especially when things get changed or we have a new nurse on..... I'm finding it hard to retain all of the technical information so just give her bits of information which doesn't help the situation!! We all went back over to see Theo and spent the rest of the day with him (although I had to nip home to meet Leanne's husband as he had brought the contents of our static caravan back from the lakes with him). Jack stayed out at Leannes again tonight so Lisa and I stayed with Theo till late really late. She's chilled out a bit now she knows what's going on with Theo..... it's probably better to just let Lisa do the ward rounds going forward!! Theo's 3 weeks old tomorrow and I can't believe how strong he is..... For somebody who shouldn't even be born yet, he's got a super strong grip, has his own mind and knows exactly what he wants....... and he lets you know about it..... He's going to be a right little monkey when he gets bigger 😉 Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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