Lisa's reflective account of Day 16....

Theo had a good night and the Drs were really pleased with him on the ward round. He had finished the course of ibuprofen and was due to have a repeat heart scan in a couple of days. I had a feeling that the treatment had worked well because his heart rate was more stable and gap between his systolic and diastolic readings on his blood pressure were not as far apart. He had come down a bit on his ventilator settings too. Jack stayed at his friends so Phil and I spent the day with Theo. He was doing great that day. I was continuing to express every 3-4 hours. It was really annoying now as it took me away from Theo and sometimes it was difficult to find the time. But I would continue for as long as I could because it was the best for Theo and I would do absolutely anything for him. He was doing really well with his feeds, fully breast milk fed and tolerating it really well. Theo had lung disease by this time because he wasn’t producing enough surfactant in his lungs due to his prematurity. The doses of surfactant that he had been given at birth only lasted a couple of days and he wasn’t producing enough himself. If he was still on the ventilator by day 28 then he would have chronic lung disease. The Doctors told us that children’s lungs aren’t fully devolved until age 2 so there is plenty of time for his lungs to improve and become stronger. We went out for a Chinese that night at a restaurant opposite the hospital. It was just about the limit of how far away I would go. Leanne met us there and brought a lovely milestone baby book for us to complete. It wasn’t your usual baby book, it was especially for premature babies. The milestones were things like first time I came off the ventilator, my first blood transfusion, first NG feed etc. It was a really lovely book. Phil is much better at completing things like that. I couldn’t think about doing at that time because I couldn’t imagine that he would even reach those milestones. It seemed like such a massive uphill struggle. We had a lovely meal, Theo had been really good today, lovely and settled. Really hoped he’d continue that way!

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