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Day 18 - Friday 7th July 2017

Last day of school for Jack so hopefully it will be a bit easier for the next 8 weeks.... without the school run!

I won a very large contract a few weeks ago and was supposed to travel down to London on the Sunday night before Theo was born with my senior managers to sign the contract; but as Lisa and I were at the hospital, they ended up travelling down on their own to sign on my behalf..... 

Had Lisa not gone in to labour on the Friday, I would have still been in London when Theo was born on the Monday...... it doesn't even bare thinking about me not being here when he was born like that!! However, as I have not been in the business for the last couple of weeks to help plan how we were going to spend it, and it's likely that I am going to step out of the business fully for the next 8 weeks at least, I've had to make the decision to hand the contract back..... all 200k of it!!! not a happy bunny..... really bad timing but there are more important things to worry about at the minute....

Theo has had a good day today..... we got the good news that the Ibuprofen is working, the valve in his heart has reduced in size and the swelling has gone down in his left Atrium 😃😃 Hopefully that will also release a bit of pressure off his lungs so that he can come off the ventilator and won't need to have post natal steroids..... Lisa and I have been really worried about the steroids as they can cause cerebral palsy! Theo has still been de-saturating quite often again and has decided that his right side is no longer his preferred side!! He's spent quite a bit of time on his back today which will be good for the shape of his head.... It's turning in to an egg shape! Overall, Theo has had a good day today and the doctors are still really happy with his progress.... Jack has gone up to the lakes for the weekend with Leanne and her family for one last time as we have sold our static caravan..... and Lisa's mum and Dad are coming back from Australia tomorrow, so I think that's going to be a pretty emotional day for Lisa..... hopefully her mum can drum some sense in to her about spending 15-18 hours a day at Theo's bedside...... she's going to be no use to him when she burns out!! But will she listen to me??? NOPE 🙈 Lisa would have been 28 weeks pregnant tomorrow and it seems like a lifetime ago Theo was born.... 3 weeks on Monday!!! Come on my little solider, keep fighting and getting stronger ❤❤❤ Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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