Lisa's reflective account of Day 14....

I was up early as usual that day to phone the unit and express. I stayed at Ronald McDonald with Jack first thing and Phil went to see Theo. He phoned not long after he went to say that Theo’s eyes were open. I felt so emotional! When Jack was born his eyes were open straight away and yet I had never seen Theo with open eyes. I was so happy but really sad that I wasn’t there. Jack and I went across for the ward round with Phil. Theo started his ibuprofen that day. Not long after he had the first dose, he started making jerking movements. He had never made them before and I was quite worried. All of his observations and oxygen requirements were ok but I really didn’t like him jerking so much. I asked the nurses to look and also the Doctors. They examined him and said he looked ok. Phil and I took turns being with Theo and Jack throughout the day. It was Theo’s two week birthday! We still didn’t get to see his eyes much as he slept a lot which was good because he needed to put all of his energy into growing. The Doctors said that no matter what they do, such premature babies never catch up to the weight they would have been at their due date had they been born full term. All of the machines, incubator and medication are no comparison to what a mother does for their baby. I had started to lift my head from Theo’s incubator now and speak with a few parents that I had seen regularly around the unit, in the milk kitchen and queuing for the expressing room. It was nice to talk to other parents because you realise that you are not on your own. Most of the worries that I’d had and was having, they usually had too or had already been through it and could speak about their experience. I hadn’t felt ready to talk to anyone before. Theo was now fully fed and had the long line removed from his leg the previous day because he didn’t need TPN any longer. He had gotten a pressure wound from where the plastic hub of the long line had dug into his leg. Poor thing, that must have been uncomfortable! It wasn’t visible at the time because of the steri strips and outer dressing on the long line. He had it dressed and would need photographs taking. He still has a little scar just under his knee to this day. It it so difficult to comprehend how much they go through. Every day poses a new challenge for him on top of his daily struggle just to breathe! The jerking movements that he was doing were my main concern for the day, his gases were ok that day thankfully. He needed the ibuprofen over the next 3 days, hopefully he would settle down and it would have a good effect and close his duct. Fingers crossed!

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