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Day 15 - Tuesday 4th July 2017

We finally got to hold our little baby Theo for the first time today 😁😁😁 ❤❤ 😁😁😁 Lisa was up early this morning to sit with Theo whilst I got Jack up and ready for school. After breakfast Jack and I went over to say morning to Theo and then battled the traffic to Jack's school.... Lisa called me whilst we were on the way to tell us she might get to hold Theo later on today..... as the nurses needed to change his incubator for the first time.... fingers crossed! I went to the office and did my usual thing of sitting at my desk staring at Theo's picture with Jack..... its only been two weeks and I have around 1000 emails in my inbox!! Not a chance I can focus on answering all them! I sent an email out to all of my partners telling them what was going on and directing any future important emails to my senior managers! Lisa called me at around lunch time to tell me the incubator change was happening in the next 20 minutes..... I jumped in my car and drove back to the hospital to be there for it...... it usually takes about 30 to 40 minutes to get to the hospital and parked up at this time of day, but I did it in 20 minutes 👍..... Whilst maintaining the speed limits and stopping at red lights of course 🙄 ..... I knew my police advanced driving skills would come in handy again.... When I arrived the nurses had been waiting for me because Lisa had asked them to, but they ended up getting pulled away to another baby. After a while they came back over and gently took Theo out of his incubator (for the first time ever) and put him on to Lisa's chest...... it was really emotional, I was almost in tears but held it together because the nurses were there! I thought Lisa would cry but I think she was more bothered about making sure Theo was ok..... he was de-saturating quite a bit..... Lisa ended up holding him on her chest for about 50 mins and then it was my turn...... I couldn't wait!! As soon as he touched my chest I welled up..... I couldn't believe I was holding my Baby.... I've waited so long for this day...... not just the last 15 days, but for the years that we have been trying ❤❤❤ Theo fell straight to sleep on my chest and was really stable with his saturations, so I got a good 15 mins holding him before he had to go back..... any more than an hour is too much at this stage. Lisa recorded it on my phone and when I watched the video back in the car later, I cried my eyes out.... I was so happy..... On my way to pick Jack up, I called my ex-army mate from Preston who's been my rock nearly every day since Theo was born to tell him..... we were both crying like babies on the phone..... I almost had to pull over 😢 😢..... at least I got some of my emotions out. We are supposed to be tough ex-soliders though, so we swore not to tell anybody, otherwise we will be losing man points on the next veterans tour 🙄 Jack had his Juniors school leavers disco tonight so I picked him up from school, took him home and got his new suit on him ready for his disco..... he looked proper dapper!! I then took him up to his freind's house to meet all his freinds as they were all going to the disco in a limo.... All of his freinds mums were there so I ended up talking to a couple of them about what was going on..... I felt more comfortable talking about it now that I had held Theo, but was still fighting the tears at certain points.... All of the mums decided to stay and have a drink..... and had all blocked my car in; so I ended up jumping in the back of the Limo with the boys and Jack's freinds dad, who is also my mate, and travelling down to the disco with them..... it was really funny watching Jack and all his mates dancing around in the back of the Limo, listening to rap music and trying to pull girls in cars every time we stopped at lights..... god help the girls when this lot are older 😁😁 Once the boys got out, we asked the Limo driver to drop us off around the corner and we ended up going for a pint while we waited for the disco to finish..... It was nice to catch up with my mate, but im sure I bored the hell out of him just going on about Theo..... he really did care though! On the way back to our freinds house, I got the great news that we had secured a property in Manchester...... Lisa was so happy 😁😁😁 We just need to register Theo's birth on Thursday and then register Lisa & Theo at a local doctors; and we will then be all set to stay at St Mary's, and more importantly, stop at Ronald McDonald House 😁😁😁 Jack slept over at his freind's house again tonight so I drove back to the hospital on my own and then spent a few hours with Theo and Lisa. He was looking much better and was nice and relaxed in his new incubator.... I still can't believe I got to hold him today..... Lisa looked shattered so we gave him his 12am feed and then we went to bed..... via the cafe for a warm pie! I've had such a mix of emotions today..... one things for sure though, I love my family so much!! ❤❤ Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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