Day 17 - Thursday 6th July 2017

Started the day off with the school run again.... two days to go for Jack! Getting him out of bed this morning was a real challenge! We went over to see Theo before setting off and he was nice and relaxed.... he'd been well looked after through the night by a really nice nurse again. We hit all the traffic on the way to school and only just made it in time. Jack was going on a cinema trip first thing so he was stressing that he would be late and miss it.... should have got his butt out of bed earlier then! I went over to my office after dropping him off and started submitting a bid for a contract to start from August onwards.... already 7 days late submitting it but they were fine about it under the circumstances. I got back up to the hospital for around 10:30am to pick Lisa up... we had arranged to go to the registry office to register Theo's birth and get his birth certificate ❤❤❤ I then went back to work for an hour to finish off my bid and then picked Jack up from school. Jack had a good day but was looking forward to his last day in primary school tomorrow 😁..... so was I, no more shool runs...... Jack dropped his school bags at RMH and we then went over to the NICU to see Theo for a while..... He's had a bit of a bad day today, we had to keep putting him on his back so he doesn't get a funny shaped head and he really doesn't like it..... he's been de-saturating quite often and has started weasing through his tube again. I asked his nurse to speak to the consultants about it to see if his tube needed changing again...... Afterwards me and Jack played football in the garden, played pool in the games room, and fifa in our room before Lisa came back from being with Theo. I then went over to say night (via the shop to pick up some treats for the nurses) and ended up staying for a couple of hours..... I've been getting treats most nights and bringing krispy kreme doughnuts back when I've been out and about through the day..... happy nurses, happy babies 😁😁 Another long day today..... so time for bed!! Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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