Lisa's reflective account of Day 11....

Phil and I had a lazy morning that morning and didn’t go across to see Theo until 9am in time for the ward round. I was up at 4.30am to phone Theo’s nurse and express but then fell back to sleep. I felt guilty when we got there because he had been having a bit of a rough time with his breathing and ventilation. They had put his rate back up to 50 which was quite high. I was worried about his tube because there was a high leak and he was making squeaking noises when he should be silent. It meant that there was air escaping from around the tube when he breathed out. I hated when things weren’t right with Theo, I felt so out of control. There was nothing I could do for him, I just had to be there for him and rely on the Doctors and nurses to make sure he was ok. His saturations were really erratic and he regularly needed his oxygen turning up and down . Phil and I felt confident to ask the Doctors and nurses if we were worried about anything with Theo. We were his voice, his advocate and most importantly his Mummy and Daddy. No one loved him as much as us. Phil went back to Ronald McDonald to do some work and I stayed with Theo doing all of his hourly feeds and cares. Phil asked me to go back to Ronald McDonald later that evening because he’d made tea for us all. It was a beautiful tea and I was so grateful but because Theo wasn’t doing so well I wanted to be with him so rushed tea as fast as I could and went back to NICU until 10pm. I went back to Ronald McDonald to see Jack before bed and Phil went over to see Theo. Phil had tidied our room, Amazing!! He has been so good looking after us all. We are very lucky 💕

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