Day 13 - Sunday 2nd July 2017

I was up really early today to go and sit with Theo, he looked really comfortable and was nice and stable on his readings.... His nurse said that he had been messed about with quite a lot throughout the night with the blood transfusion and the heart echo for his PDA..... The night doctor came over to tell me what was going on; he said that he had some oedema around his groin area (pretty sure Lisa told them that on Friday!), so they have started him on diuretics so that he would express some fluids through his wee. He also said that the echo had showed that his valve was open and that it was very large, which was a real concern!. He then said that there was a query on his heart.... I asked him what the query was and he said that it was academic, and he didn't want to go in to it as it would be too much for me to deal with!!! I called Lisa to tell her and she came rushing over...... The night nurse then handed over at 7:30am and we had the same nurse who had looked after him the day before. She was a sister and was really nice. On the ward round we asked the doctors what the query was on his heart and they said that because his valve (PDA) was open and was very large, the excess blood being pumped in to his heart was making his left atrium really enlarged; they couldn't see the arch clearly, but that it looks like it has an anomaly on it..... We had a discussion with the day doctors about how best to treat his PDA and it was decided that he would be given some Ibruprofin to see if that helped reduce or close the valve. In the afternoon another nurse was taking over from the sister and it was her first day back having been off for most of the last two years! She was going to do suction on Theo from the wrong side and the sister picked her up for it in front of us (which she probably shouldn't have done) but then, she walked around to the other side to do suction from there and to our complete shock, grabbed his ET tube, and pulled it over towards her, really heavily, jerking his head towards her!!!! Me, Lisa and the sister immediately jumped up to stop her....... The sister immediately took control of the situation and calmed everything down but we were absolutely fuming at the fact that the nurse had clearly taken offence to being picked up and handled Theo really heavily in anger..... Seething, Lisa and I ended up speaking to the nurse manager to get her changed with another nurse..... which they did! They said they never change nurses because of parent complaints but that they would on this occasion (clearly because it was serious and witnessed by the sister)!! Another nurse took over and Theo settled down really well.... 

Lisa and I were really shocked with this as we have had around 30 nurses since Theo was born (3-4 per day) and they've all been really good..... I suppose it's like any other job though; you always get one!! Didn't expect it on a NICU ward though!

Lisa and I are pretty much doing all his cares and feeds now. He's gone up to his maximum feed today, 7ml 😁😁 The doctors have said this is the most important part of the process at it's the one that grows him..... Lisa and I were supposed to be meeting Jack and Leanne at a curry house in Manchester for Leanne's husband's birthday, but we really didn't want to leave the hospital in light of what happened earlier..... but as it was John's birthday, and all the kids were there, I decided to go on my own to meet them. It was really nice to see them all.... I had a really hot curry and Jack got a massive naan bread to share!! 🙈 We completely forgot that Jack was supposed to be going to Manley Mere with all his school friends today and he was really gutted that he missed it..... so I took him to the cinema to watch the new Transformers movie and then we came back to see Theo. We read him some stories and then we all went to bed exhausted!! Theo didn't open his eyes any more today.... not surprising though with all the stress he's had..... Sleep tight little solider ❤❤ Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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