Day 14 - Monday 3rd July 2017 (2 weeks old today)

February 19, 2018




We have open eyes...... yippee!!! And on his 2 week birthday!! ❤❤❤❤

I went over early this morning to sit with Theo. I gave him his early morning feed and changed his nappy. Shortly after I got there his eyes flickered open 😁😁😁 I called Lisa to tell her and she was so happy I was there to see it.


He had another brain scan in the morning and it was more abnormal than before.... he was now showing a grade 3 bleed on the right and a grade 2 bleed on the left 😢😢 The doctors thought that it was more likely a matter of the images not being clear enough on his first scan, rather than the bleeds having got worse.... but still, a grade 3 is really bad (grade 4 is the worst!). I hope they are not getting worse and my poor baby is going to be ok. 

Jack didn't go to school again today as we were all super tired.... so Lisa and I took it in turns to spend time with Theo on the NICU and Jack at RMH.

Theo has started his Ibuprofen today in an effort to close the valve around his heart. He started to shiver and jerk shortly after they started them, but the doctors didn't think it was anything to do with the drugs, they said that maybe it was just to do with his eyes opening and him waking up a bit more....

We've had a nice stress free day today which is nice after the day we had yesterday.... hopefully that was just a one off! I can't cope with that again...... I nearly opened a can of woop ar...... talk about being on a rollercoaster of emotions.....

Theo has been doing really well again today; we just need to sort his heart and lungs out and he'll be well on his way home ❤ ❤ he's a proper little fighter.... everyday that passes he gets stronger and closer to home 😁😁

We didn't really didn't really do much else today, 2 weeks in and still a long way to go...... keep fighting daddy's little solider xxxx

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