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Day 11 - Friday 30th June 2017

Lisa and I had our first lie in today.... 8am, although Lisa was up between 4:30 & 5am expressing Milk for Theo and making a right racket..... We walked over the road to see Theo just before the ward round at 9am and I dont think he was best pleased about Lisa and I having a lie in..... we were greated with a rather cheeky hand gesture! 🙈

Theo's ventilator had been put back up to 50.... back to where he started; but he was still de-saturating..... the Doctor came on to the ward and examined him. He said that his lungs had a murmer on them and that they needed to do an x-ray on his chest to check for any issues; like chronic Lung diseases etc...... I started stressing out because straight away I thought the worst and blamed the lack of steroids..... However, after his chest x-ray the doctors said that it was just that his ET tube had moved 0.5cm - 1cm, so they repositioned it and it was much better.... Thank God for that!! I had picked my home pc up the other day so I went back to RMH at about 11am and set up my temporary office. I managed to get a bit of work done, just as well because it was pay day, and I needed to sign off all the salaries and month end payments. Whilst I was sat in the room with the curtains open, probably for the first time since we moved in, I could see the place was a right mess..... so I stopped my work and decided to do some cleaning and wash some clothes in the communial laundry instead.... We hadn't had time to clean the room since we moved in, not that it had even entered our minds, so I did a thorough job..... 3 hours later, all the clothes were washed and dried, and the room was spotless... Job done!! I then went to pick Jack up from school at about 3:30. When we got back I took him to see Theo. He was still doing ok, he wasn't de-saturating as much and Lisa had been taking care of him all day. After a while, Jack and I went back to RMH and I made tea .... lasagne and garlic bread with a side salad. Lisa came over for a short while and ate with us and then went back over to the NICU until about 10pm. When she came back, I went over to sit with him and did his 10pm, 11pm and 12am feeds, he's gone up to 5ml today and is still doing really well with his digesting 😁😁 He did his first smelly poo for me tonight.... lovely..... little monkey 🙈 I changed his bum, read him some stories and then he went to sleep 😁😁

I asked his nurse why he had started making squeaking noises when he was breathing and she said it was most likely because his ET tube was now too small for him. She said it's good that he's growing out of it, but that they wouldn't change it until it was absolutely necessary as it is quite a stressful thing for him to endure.... he'll need a new one soon though if he keeps growing as fast as he is..... he's going up to 6ml per hour tomorrow afternoon 😁😁 All in all he's had a better day today. He's still growing well and putting weight on.... He's 980 grams now (2lb 2.5oz).... he's put on 130 grams in 11 days.... keep it up little solider ❤❤❤❤ Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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