Day 9 - Wednesday 28th June 2017

Lisa's was up early to express again this morning and then went over to see Theo at 5am. I was really tired so decided to have a bit of a lie in..... a little bit too much of one though, as by the time Jack and I had got ready, seen Theo on the NICU, found the car in the car park and got to school, Jack was 25 mins late..... oh well, only 7 days left of Juniors school for Jack, then 8 weeks off so we wasn't really bothered..... at least there was no falling asleep at lights or putting lives at risk on the motorway today thankfully..... 🙈🙈 Jack's freind's mum (who came to see Theo and Lisa yesterday) text me to ask if Jack wanted to stop at their house tonight.... which I knew he would.... so being as I couldn't concentrate at work again, I drove back to the hospital to see Theo and Lisa, gave him a feed, read him a book, then went back to the room to pack Jack's overnight bag. I set off around 2:30pm to meet Jack at school, stopping off on the way at Lisa's grandma & grandad’s house to pick up some award winning scones and a chicken pie.... Unfortunately, one of the scones went missing on the way to Jack's school.... 🙈 Jack way really happy to go to his freinds.... it would be good for him to have some normality outside of school, and would be good for Lisa and I to spend some time together. When I got back up to the hospital, Lisa said that they had tried to turn his ventilator down a bit today, but he didn't cope with it very well so they had to put it back up ☹ come on little solider ❤❤ He is still doing really well with his feeds though, he is now up to 3ml per hour and digesting it all really well..... Just as well because the fridge is getting full with all of the expressed milk.... I overcame a massive milestone with Lisa tonight.... I managed to get her to leave the hospital grounds at around 6pm and come for a Chinese with me around the corner.... She hadn't been outside of the hospital grounds since we arrived 13 days ago..... We had the same really good nurse looking after Theo again, and as he was fast asleep, she felt safe to leave him, if only for a short while.... the deal was that I had to order our starters and main courses to come out together and eat them at quickly as I could..... they were really quick at bringing everything out and within a few minutes, Lisa had asked for the bill 🙈🙈 I was trying to stuff as much as I could in before they took my plates away 😣😣 We was in and out in around 30 minutes, but I was really happy about it.... it's been a massive achievement for Lisa and I am super proud of her. I need to make sure she doesn't get too absorbed in to her nursing bubble for the sake of her sanity, she needs a break from the madness; it's like she's working 18 hour shifts every day.... it's only been 9 days since Theo was born, she's been through hell, is super tired, and we've got a long road ahead of us, so I need her to look after herself as well as Theo..... After our very fast Chinese, we went straight back to see Theo who was still fast asleep. We sat with him and Lisa read him a couple of stories while I dealt with my indigestion!

He's still doing great, the honeymoon period is over now, but he is continuing to do really well and amaze us every day. The doctors and nurses here are fantastic, they really know what they are doing when it comes to saving these babies lives! I'm starting to get a better understanding of what is going on now and feel more confident to have an input into the doctors discussions.... they really include you in everything. The doctors are starting to see that Lisa is a really good nurse and knows what she's talking about. They are listening more to her now as she has been to every single nurse handover and has absorbed everything in that has happened with him..... nothing is getting lost in translation! We stayed with Theo until about 1:30am before going back to RMH, where we had a microwaved frozen pie in the communial kitchen before going to bed and falling asleep! Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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