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Day 7 - Monday 26th June 2017 (1 week old today)

I started the day by going over to see Theo in the morning with Jack before the school run... Theo was looking good, Lisa was looking tired!! She'd been there since about 5:30am again......

After we said good morning to Theo, I took Jack to school..... it was a rubbish drive from Manchester and we only just made it in time again!! After I dropped Jack off I went to my office..... I just walked past everyone in the main office without making eye contact... I didn't want to talk about Theo as I was still really emotional.... After about an hour, I realised that I hadn't even switched my computer on..... I just sat at my desk looking at Theo's picture that I had put on my desk the other day.... I was completely in a daze! I had arranged for Bobby and Coco to stay at Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary. We got them both from there as rescue dogs so they had agreed to take them in for the next 3-4 months, which was a massive relief. I put Bobby in the car and went to our freinds to pick Coco up..... I then got them some new beds and toys; and took them both to their new home 😢 They were really happy and trotted off with the workers..... little did they know they were stopping there! I felt really guilty leaving them. After that, I milled around a few shops picking bits and bobs up, matters topper, air fresheners and a couple of notebooks for Lisa & Jack..... Basically passing time for when Jack finished school..... it was a really long day waiting for him to finish.... I hadn't done any work and it wasn't likely that I would be able to going forward! I need to make a decision on that one! I sat outside Jack's school for a bit waiting to pick him up.... I just wanted to get back to the hospital, but while I was waiting I got a phone call and had to nip back to the office for 5 minutes to sign something off! Jack and I then set off back to the hospital 😁 On our way back we stopped at Mothercare and bought Theo a Peter Rabbit for his one week old Birthday. Jack spotted it from the doorway and ran up the stairs to get it. It played a soothing nursery rhyme tune so we got it! When we got back we took all the bits and bobs up to the room in Ronald McDonald, parked the car and then went over to see Theo (about 5pm) to give him his Teddy..... The first picture of them both in his incubator brought a tear to my eye.... he was still so small 😢 Lisa had been there all day (since 5:30am).... she looked really tired so I sent her back to the room to get some rest. I stayed with Theo and got signed off to do all his cares and feed him.... yippee!! I stayed with him and fed him at 6pm. Then Leanne came over around 6:30pm with a lovely handmade blanket with Theo's name and date of birth on it.... it was so nice, we put it over his incubator..... I fed him again at 7pm and then changed his nappy..... as I was wiping his bum, he pooed all over the place.... 🙈 Once I sorted him out I took Leanne over to Ronald McDonald to make sure Lisa was ok.... she was really anxious and wanted to go back over to see Theo, but she was clearly exhausted so I told her to go to sleep.... which she did! I went back over to sit with Theo at 8pm, fed him, read him a couple of stories, fed him again at 9pm & 10pm, then went to get the nurses some cakes from the shop around the corner.... I then fed him at 11pm and said good night.... He's been quite stable today, nothing much has changed, he's still fighting and the doctors are still tweaking things to give him the best chance..... Lisa was clearly knackered when I got back to the room and was really off with me... I think not seeing Theo also had a part to play in it but she needs to sleep otherwise she will be no good to anybody! I told her I will get up at 5am and do the morning feeds so she can have a lie in... Hopefully she will feel better after a good nights sleep!

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