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Day 6 - Sunday 25th June 2017

I woke up feeling really tired today..... I went to see Theo for the ward round this morning (Lisa had been there since about 5am). His Consultant said that Theo was doing really well but that he needs another blood transfusion to give him some blood back, as they keep taking it off him. Leanne came up to see us around lunch time with her husband and our niece & nephew; they brought a roast dinner and chocolate cake with them and it was delicious! First proper meal we'd had for over a week 😁 They all came over to see Theo, but the children had to look through the door as they weren't allowed in the room to prevent bugs etc.... only siblings were allowed in. After that they took Jack Roller Skating for the afternoon. Lisa and I stayed with Theo and Lisa did his cares..... He needed a new cannula again (they only last a day or two) so we went for a brew so as not to put the doctor off! When we came back Theo was a bit stressed as it took two doctors 3 attempts to put the cannula in his leg..... it must be so difficult to do.... he's starting to be a right wriggler when they are trying to do things, and he's really strong! It doesn't take much for him to get stressed and when he does all his gases go down hill and he starts to desaturate all the time! Lisa and I settled him down and stayed with him for the rest of the afternoon.... I think he's starting to recognise our voices and touch now because he's really calm and good when we are there 😁😁 I went to pick Jack up from Leanne's at about 6pm and we got some of Jack's old books off the children. We then came back to see Theo. On the way back Jack asked me to put Robbie Williams 'I love my life' song on in tge car and we started singing it.... I had a little bit of a break down when we were singing it..... god knows where Jack got that from.... he must have heard it recently and thought about Theo.... Whilst I was out picking Jack up Lisa was signed off for feeding Theo and had given him a some milk.... she was so happy 😁😁 A little while after we got back, Jack asked if we could sing the song to Theo; it was really hard keeping the tears in, but we got the words up on my phone and sang it.... It was really emotional 😢😢 We all sat with Theo for the rest of the evening... he was doing ok the little trooper..... I watched Lisa feed him at 7pm and 8pm and was hoping to get signed off myself so I could feed him tonight, but the nurse was really busy with a poorly baby in the next bay so I couldnt get signed off to do it. Hopefully I will tomorrow and can feed him them... I am looking forward to Theo's one week anniversary tomorrow, he's getting stronger by the hour!! My little super strong solider ❤❤

I Love My Life by Robbie Williams Tether your soul to me I will never let go completely One day your hands will be Strong enough to hold me I might not be there for all your battles But you'll win them eventually I'll pray that I'm giving you all that matters So one day you'll say to me I love my life I am powerful I am beautiful I am free I love my life I am wonderful I am magical I am me I love my life I am not my mistakes And God knows I've made a few I started to question the angels And the answer they gave was you I cannot promise there won't be sadness I wish I could take it from you But you'll find the courage to face the madness And sing it because it's true I love my life...... 😢😢😢

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